About Us 
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Brilliant Petroleum Company lends its expertise as an experienced and creative industry                   (Download PDF)       
expert and mediator. Our techniques are geared towards time-efficient, innovative approaches to agreeable contractual closures between buyers and sellers. We make things happen fast and effectively.

  • We deal with companies and individuals who SERIOUSLY seek to buy or sell crude oil.

  • We screen both prospective buyers and sellers for authenticity to eliminate wasting time for all involved.

  • BrillPetCo demands proper documentation to expedite all transactions and dedicated attention to all details throughout all aspects of the dealings.

  • BrillPetCo assists in the development of all business dealings for short and long term profit and progress of both seller and buyer to maximize benefits of orchestrating business together in a fair and legitimate manner at all times.                                         

  • BrillPetCo employs ingenuity and knowledge to always provide solutions for each project with a personalized and custom approach. We cater resources to appropriately fit the needs of each individual business arrangement.

  • BrillPetCo operates with utmost responsibility and respect. BrillPetCo offers consistency, dedication and drive to always ensure efficiency of value, time and results.  (Company Profile)


Corporate Headquarters

20 Promenade Place

Voorhees, NJ 08043

Phone:  (609) 509-6822