James W. Adkins  -  President & Chief Operating Officer
Brilliant Petroleum Company

James Adkins is a Partner and President  of Brilliant Petroleum Company and Grupo Mundial Balboa Internacional S.A. a Panama corporation.  He is a primary strategist and business driver for Brilliant Petroleum Company. He also manages the budgets and account teams on sizable pieces of business. He has agency-wide responsibility for account profitability, new business solicitation, and quality of account service and employee development.

Mr. Adkins possesses superior communication skills and is able to counsel clients' top executive management on Brilliant Petroleum programs.  He has a track record of strong performance in the new and social media industry with a particular focus on corporate, public affairs and political/advocacy programs. He is a demonstrated leader in building advocacy, web development, social media, search engine optimization and digital research. Mr. Adkins able to multitask efficiently and has exemplary communication and mediation skills.

Mr. Adkins is also Chairman, President & CEO of Grupo Mundial Balboa Internacional S.A. (GMB) a Bloomberg listed Panama corporation with holdings in excess of $21Billion in assets, having acquired the company after the death of its former President, the late Eugene (Bud) Stringer.  Post acquisition GMB assets were utilized to leverage a Joint Venture partnership with All Bloom Trading Limited a Hong Kong corporation.


Mr. Adkins attended Upsala College in East Orange, NJ and is a Veteran of The United States Army.


His Corporate Responsibilities Include:

Client Servicing

    •    Plans and executes comprehensive digital media and advertisement  programs
    •    Handles regular and consistent contact with clients
    •    Manages social media activities
    •    Proofreads and approves copy
    •    Oversight of client satisfaction survey implementation; has responsibility for   compilation of client trackers, etc.

Product Capability and Development

    •    Documents for marketing team understandings of  clients' business goals and strategies
    •    Documents  key client industry issues relating to products, product categories, technologies, primary and potential competition and general issues facing the industry
    •    Posses high awareness of current events
    •    Fully understands basic research techniques and methodologies and use them to support development/execution of forward thinking marketing strategies

Financial Management

    •    Is responsible for planning, organization and client profitability
    •    Total financial responsibility for specific set of accounts including forecasting and account profitability
    •    Monitors profitability against budgets for mark-up and time input


Business Development


    •    Develop Business Plans, Marketing Plans, and Strategic Plans
    •    Creates and presents new business proposals   
    •    Participates in brainstorming and prospecting
    •    Utilizes superior presentation skills including confidence in presenting to clients
    •    Assists in Developing our network of industry clients and participates in relevant professional organizations


People Development

    •    Coaches and motivates the staff
    •    Completes reviews when appropriate
    •    Actively encourages and supports the development and learning of Executive Staff and Personnel
    •    Ensures goals and expectations are clear and that subordinates are consistently measured and rewarded for achieving them
    •    Empowers subordinates by trusting their capability and giving others space to act



    •   Constantly strives for excellence
    •   Ethical in all business dealings
    •   Promotes and endorse organizational change efforts through own words, actions and priorities
    •   Act as a positive role model for effective team working, facilitate the operation of the team of which they are a part
    •   Demonstrates the Brilliant Petroleum values (quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit, mutual benefits)


Mr. Adkins came on board to work with the best of the best and he is uncompromising in his commitment to our people, our clients and our work.



Upsala College

East Orange, New Jersey

Business Administration, Management and Operations


South Jersey Professional School of Business

West Berlin, New Jersey

Certified Insurance Producer, Land Title Law & Regulation


Horizon Institute of Paralegal Studies

Linden, New Jersey

Certification, Paralegal Studies (HIPS)




President/CEO at Messengers of Peace Development Corporation

2001 -Present (11 years 2 months)

Messengers Of Peace Development Corporation (MOPDC) works with government, and private sectors to build strong communities, industries, and markets. "MOPDC is a multifaceted comprehensive approach to community change that is not limited to just poverty programs, nor is it synonymous with industrial recruitment. MOPDC does not attempt to exploit resources to yield the maximum economic return."  Creates employment and commercial development initiatives and projects designed to provide economic self-sufficiency for socio-economically deprived communities and their residents.


    •   Interacts with government, entrepreneurs and the public to discuss business plans

    •   Maintains reports and documents

    •   Researches for possible opportunities of economic development in the region and developing business models

    •   Surveys and analyzes risk factors involved in business models with business analysts

    •   Interacts with stakeholders and public to discuss the business plans

    •   Meets with government officials to discuss financial requirements of projects

    •   Validates the business proposals and provides financial assistance referrals to prospective entrepreneurs

    •   Maintains reports and documents


President at Transactional Title Agency  -
Licensed State of New Jersey Land Title Agency

2005 -2008 (3 years)

Provided expert title and title related services to our customers. We provided our services to clients acquiring small residential properties as well as for clients requiring title services for the acquisition of large commercial tracts.


Responsibilities Included:


Report of Title, Foreclosure Search, County Search, Business Search, Tax Search, 1099B IRS Report Service Assessment Search, Closing Attorneys Available, Upper Court Search, UCC Search, Title Closing Officers, Flood & Wetland Searches, Rapid Document Recording, Survey Ordering, Notice of Settlement Preparation, and Corporate Status Reports.


Director of Technical Planning at Weichert Title Agency
January 2000 -April 2005 (5 years 4 months)


Developed, oversaw, various Network Installation, Setup, and Administration, assorted telecommunications, security, surveilance, remote print server and web application projects:

Was responsible for procurement of all electronics, office automation, telecommunications, and transport for the nation's largets Land Title & Settlement Agency employing over 200 and networked to over 20,000 realtors nation wide.


Deputy Constable at State of New Jersey Constable
1990 -2000 (10 years)


Title 2A (Administration of Civil & Criminal Justice) of the NJ Statutes clearly defines the duties, powers and authority of peace officers in the State of New Jersey. Constables, as peace officers and from whom most other law enforcement officers derive their police powers are mandated to arrest anyone for any breaches of the peace committed in their presence anywhere within the territorial limits of the state. Constables are unique in that they’re appointed at the municipal level, but have the right to exercise their powers and authority in any of the municipalities contained within their county of appointment. Constables are by virtue of the office they hold and by statute empowered to:

    •   Perform warrantless (on view) arrests

    •   Serve any civil & criminal process originated out of any court within their county of jurisdiction

    •   Enforce motor vehicle, city & county ordinances within their county of jurisdiction

    •   Enforce controlled substances laws

    •   Enforce agriculture & game laws

    •   Preserve the peace at election polls.


Director of Technical Planning at Highbeam Business Systems

1981 -1990 (9 years)


Developed, oversaw, various Network Installation, Setup, and Administration, assorted telecommunications projects.

Developed programs in Fortran, COBALT, and Turbo Pascal, configured Multiplexers, Legacy Acoustical Modems, and Legacy Dumb Terminals, created the company's spreadsheets in Lotus, and Multiplan, and assisted the Comptroller and Human Rescource Manager in the technical aspects of their duties.

Mr. Adkins organized and managed the company's first computer sales & service division in 1983, this aided the company in becoming ranked as the nation's largest black owned and operated Office Automation Company.


Additional Skills & Expertise

MS Word MS Excel MS PowerPoint MS Frontpage Business Plan Pro Marketing Plan Pro SmartDraw Professional AutoCAD Applian Director Audacity Windows Live Movie Maker FileZILLA MS Visual Studio Roxio Creator Nitro PDF Professional Advanced Network Engineering QuickBooks Quicken Peachtree Crystal Reports Adobe Creative Suite Strategic Planning Marketing Strategy Business Strategy Business Analysis Business Planning Business Development Letters of Credit Bank Guarantees International Debt Bonds / Instruments Import/Export Operations International Logistics Mediation Conflict Resolution Paralegal Contractual Agreements Land Development Community Development Economic Development Public Relations Social Networking Data Mining