David Kartozia  -  Senior Vice President of Foreign Affairs
Brilliant Petroleum Company


David Kartozia as Senior Vice President of Foreign Affairs advises Brilliant Petroleum Companyís management and guides other departments within the company on energy markets and outlooks, economic evaluations, geo-political forecasting, assists in global intelligence analysis, macroeconomic outlook, and international energy policies and regulations. This allows Brilliant Petroleum Company's Executive Staff to better assess prevailing global market conditions and apply proper economic principles and assumptions to business issues throughout the organization.


At Brilliant Petroleum Company he helps evaluate various aspects of the companyís short- and long-term energy challenges of a global nature, offering consultations on strategic planning to executive management and various company entities, specifically with respect to short- and long-term global oil market supply, demand, and price projections. The outcomes of analyses are used to forecast the call on Global crude oil production for the organization. Mr. Kartozia understands the interplay of the many variables that affect supply and the market demand as it relates to Brilliant Petroleum Company.

David Kartozia is also
President of American Strategic Partners in Washington DC. Mr. Kartozia established American Strategic Partners in the nation's capital with over 30 years of experience in lobbying and the petrochemical industry. Immigrating to the United States from his native Georgia, Mr. Kartozia maintains a global network of partners, many of them former diplomats and executives. His prior clients include the Automobile Federation of Japan and the Republic of Georgia. David specializes in international business and political consulting. He is fluent in English, Russian and Georgian.  Areas of Davidís  expertise include but are not limited to:


Administrative & Regulatory Law
Energy and Environment
Goverment Contracts
Political and Election Law

Government Relations

Goverment Response and Investigations
Renewable Energy
Policy Advocacy

International Business

Soveregin Representation
Global Regional Practices
Eastern Euopean Busines